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Ottobre 22, 2017

Veneto referendum, a high turnout is coming out. Gianluca Busato to Al Jazeera: “people want their money back, only way is with independence”

Referendum in Veneto for greater autonomy from Italy is getting a high participation, much more than in Lombardy. At 12 turnout was at 21,1% on eligible voters, more than the most voted referendum of the last 15 years, that was the referendum to change the constitution lost by Matteo Renzi on 4th december 2016. An overwhelming turnout and result in favour of autonomy is expected in Veneto, while in Lombardy affluence is much lower with a turnout at 12 am at only 11,03%.

This morning Al Jazeera interviewed Gianluca Busato, leader of, the organization which helded the 2014’s digital referendum on independence.

Gianluca Busato declared: “People want to say we want more power, we want our money back. On the other side I have to say this is a dead end, because after this vote it will go to the government, it will go to the italian parliament where venetian congressmen are only 8%. It will be very difficult to achieve something. There will be people who want more independence and other that want more autonomy. But at the end there is one fact: that you can’t have autonomy in Italy without the approval of the parliament and on the other side we can say ‘if we want our independence we have only to exercise our right to self-determination, so we need only the opinion on that of Venetians. Of course, since we want to have a win-win situation, we’ll have also an agreement with the Italian government, but that’s another matter, of course”.

About situation in Europe, from Catalonia to Veneto and the other regions that want self-determination, he added: “I suppose that European Unione has to evolve in something like Switzerland, or in something like a real federal system, like the US, or other countries like that. The US have 50 States, the EU can have 50 independent regions. That’s not a problem for governance and also it will be in the direction that people want and also on a better direction from an economic and a civic point of view”. has also announced that considering how easily these days Spain is proving to be able to cancel any autonomy of Catalonia with a simple stretch of pen, that could be also easier for Italy with Veneto and then from October 23, the Veneto independence campaign will resume without further distraction.

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