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Ottobre 9, 2014

Gianluca Busato: “now that independence is no more a taboo subject within the European Union, the Venetian Republic is ready to enter into the group of free states of the world”

esenzioneThe second convention of will be hold on Sunday 12th October starting from 9am at the Hotel Millepini in Montegrotto Terme (Padua), Via Catajo 42. The event is celebrated after about 7 months from the referendum of independence of Veneto, made on last 16th-21st March, that saw 89.10% of the Venetians voting Yes, with a participation higher than 2.3 millions equal to 63.23% of the electorate, bringing for the first time the Venetian question in the limelight and to the attention of the entire world.

The first convention launched the “3-step strategy”, that started the activities of the Venetian Republic, with the total fiscal exemption, the smiling digital revolution, exporting the process also outside Veneto and the founding of Veneto Sì (Veneto Yes), the political movement born to defend the results achieved through the Digital Plebiscite.

convention_web 12ott_MontegrottoNow ups the ante, and from Sunday´s convention, the new stage to get the complete independence -as soon as possible- will be started officially.

With the certification of referendum votes (release was announced to come about in a very few days) by the Commission of International Observers chaired by Mr Beglar Davit Tavarkiladze, former Ambassador of the Republic of Georgia in Italy, that will make official March’s results, on Sunday we will launch the proposal of a political solution permitting on the one hand the achievement of the full independence of the Venetian Republic, and on the other hand the rescue of the Italian state close to bankruptcy; this thanks to the availability on the part of Veneto to discuss a well coordinated sharing of the Italian public debt, by virtue of the huge financial surplus that would result in favor of Veneto by its own independence (an amount between 20 and 40 billions euro per year).

Such plan represents a convenient proposal for everyone: Veneto, Italy and above all Europe, in particular the Eurozone that in this way would be protected by the serious threat of the unsustainable nature of the Italian public debt, by now evident at every level.
President of Gianluca Busato declared: “2014 is an extraordinary year that sees the wind of freedom of Peoples blowing harder and harder. As a result of the referendum in Scotland before and in Catalonia now, independence is no more a taboo subject within the European Union. The Venetian Republic is ready is ready to enter into the group of free states of the world. For us it is a matter of catching an extraordinary occasion through a series of favorable circumstances taking place altogether at the same time”.

veneto-1210“The complete independence – followed Gianluca Busato – will be a matter of a logic and shared political choice, because it is to the full benefit of all parties involved, it is convenient for the Venetians, for the Italians and for all Europe. Not taking advantage of a unique historic window would mean betraying the following generations, that otherwise would be robbed of hope of living in their own land and forced to a new emigration. With everyone’s good sense we can transform today’s serious threat into an extraordinary opportunity for the future of all of us”.
“Actual reasons of our independence – concluded Gianluca Busato –, even if can find a source from an incomparable thousand-year old history, that today sees us as modern heirs of the glorious Most Serene Republic of Venice, are merely economic. Here and now we are robbed even of our dreams by the worst bureausaur of Europe, that puts in serious danger also the unitary survival of the European continent. Our resources are wasted by the Italian state, parasitic and deeply corrupt, with our full independence they will be the basis from which make spring a new economic, civic and cultural Renaissance that will expand rapidly to all Europe”.

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