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Gennaio 22, 2016

The Venetian Republic is already a sort of “Uber” in the Public Administration and a de facto public international subject, thanks to the invention of a new form of private property which is invisible to Italy, based on the blockchain technology and built with an encrypted distributed architecture.

blockchain-ledgerAmong the international media, the Venetian independence gained visibility thanks to the idea of ​​organizing a digital referendum. The use of a technological innovation has allowed us to bypass all the legal obstacles which instead have stopped those who thought to play “old school” in a world that has changed, radically.

Another boundary that the nineteenth-century states (such as Italy) would like to control is the concept of private property or the certification of it, through networks of notaries or systems of public recording and public ledgers.

Even in this case, the independence of Veneto can effectively be achieved thanks to technology and a new platform for the crypto-state that is implementing, will enable the Venetian Republic to exercise its sovereignty in an area that will turn out to be beyond the control of the Italian state.

Basically, the indipendent Veneto is already a kind of new “Uber” of the Public Administration which, through private agreements under the international trade laws, fills in the not yet achieved public recognition of the states of the world towards a sovereign Venetian territory. Acting like this, no one and nothing can stop us. This is the reason why today we can proudly worldwide announce our idea.

The project is ambitious and will require at least 18 months to be completed in all of its phases. At the moment, we can only anticipate some aspects, allowing the Venetian citizens to understand the overview of the initiative.

Among them, we mention the blockchain technology we already cited the last week when we talked about the start of a provisional economic public system for the Venetian Republic, a system which will be based on the crypto-currency technology.

Moreover, we also anticipate the creation of a Venetian public register and public ledger system that will be based on the same distributed technology with an architectural logic which will be decentralized, encrypted and shared like the blockchain. This architecture will allow us to record every public act, subtracting it to the control and even to the knowledge of the Italian state, even if they occur in a territory which is still under the control of the tricoloured regime.

Obviously, some sophisticated international legal techniques will complete the frame, providing the project with shape and substance of flawless integrity. This will mean, for example, that the Italian state will lose the knowledge and, thus, the control on the taxable persons who will become part of another jurisdiction at any level. The Venetian citizens will be able to pay their own taxes to their came back State, being able to start relationships with it also under a civil point of view. The knowledge about the actual ownership certificates of assets (and the relative contractual relationships) will exclusively be built on an informatic architecture, distributed and encrypted, which the Italian state will not can access by definition.

Hence, we are talking about the creation of an independent CRYPTO-STATE which substantially exercises its sovereignty within its informatic domain, that is a place ruled by an International contractual architecture of structured and reserved nature, in compliance with the relative international standards.

Gianluca Busato
President –



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