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on Novembre 7, 2014

Gianluca Busato: “The bureaucratic monster of the Italian state is more and more spinning around”. presents the institutional project for the independent Veneto, the only alternative to the Italian default. With independence a new lending business system. Conference at hotel Maggior Consiglio from 9.30am

gianluca-busato-11On next Sunday in Treviso, starting from 9.30am at the hotel Maggior Consiglio, we are going to kick off the Institutional Project of the Venetian Republic. Free entrance to the conference.

On the same day when the Catalan People will be committed to an extraordinary popular consultation for independence,, sympathizing, like all the Venetians, with Catalan citizens involved in a crucial battle for freedom of expression of all Peoples of the world, from Veneto will start off creating the concrete model for our full independence, anticipating the establishment process of the the Venetian Republic.

Progetto_9N Treviso_WEB (1)After the digital referendum for independence of Veneto, after the launch of the fiscal objection campaign, now it comes the moment to disclose the world how the independent Venetian Republic will work concretely.

The areas of action of first rapporteurs that already presented their drafts are several: infrastructures and transportation, innovation and technology, digital citizenship, city-planning, environment and waste, strategical studies, tax system and welfare, with specialists and professionals of each area and expertise. Meanwhile, many others are developing, filling up concretely the areas of government of the independent Venetian “res publica”.

venetoTiming to complete this job will be short, but that is how it should be, considering the severe situation affecting the social and economic fabric, putting it already beyond the risk of undermining its vitality.

Throughout the course of the morning there will be also the speech of Gianluca Busato that is going to illustrate the strategic project overall, in the light of last news arisen in the local and international context.

Gianluca BusatoGianluca Busato said: “The bureaucratic monster of the Italian state is more and more spinning around, going out of control, with the perspective, stronger and stronger, of severe measures to limit a metastasized public debt: the International Monetary Fund said loud and clear to cut pensions and the hypothesis of a 2-digit (10%? 30%?) haircut on deposits is stronger and stronger. Such measures of course are absolutely inappropriate to restart the Italian economy, as well as it becomes clearer and clearer that nothing can be done by a government specialized in selfies and de facto every day more isolated from the western civilized world.

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“The only way out – continued Busato – is therefore the independence of Veneto. And the only concrete possibility to carry it out quickly is a treaty, following the example indicated by Czech Republic and Slovakia, through the payment of the “ransom” for our liberty, taking on for instance our allocated quota of the Italian public debt, that the Venetians have not created, in exchange for the immediate acknowledgment of the independence of the Venetian Republic. Thanks to the financial surplus of 20-40 billions euro per year that will be released with the independence, for the Venetians it will be an easy task, ensuring an advantageous solutions for everybody, the Venetians, the Italians and the Europeans, that in this way will not be crushed by the bankruptcy of the Italian state”.

“This route – concludes Busato – matches perfectly with the strategic plan we are actually carrying out that could allow our territory and our companies to get a new lending business system based on private equity and no more depending exclusively on the Italian system pivoted on politicized and indebted banks and could permit Veneto to draw also international investment flows”.

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