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on 22 Dicembre, 2017

Independence is not isolationism, but openness to the world and a predisposition to the global challenges of modernity

Yesterday’s election results in Catalonia confirm one thing: the most extraordinary political agenda existing today in Europe and in the world is given by independence.

In making our warmest congratulations to the pr-independence political leaders – above all to the legitimate President (in exile) Carles Puigdemont and to the legitimate Vice President (in prison) Oriol Junqueras – and to all Catalan citizens, we can not fail to point out some fundamental steps marked by an event that has an international impact in itself.

In fact, independence is not isolationism, but openness to the world and a predisposition to the global challenges of modernity. We simply do not wait for the future or try to exorcise it: we prepare ourselves to face it better, without having our hands tied behind our back by a centralist state, even more so if it is a failed and elephantine one like Italy.

Catalonia demonstrates this: the desperate attempts of the Spanish state and its “matado” head of government Rajoy to exercise judicial and police repression have been useless; it has been useless to give space to the neo-fascists through the streets that have miserably tried to intimidate the proud Catalans. The thirst for freedom, the irrepressible desire to have a future with an independent Catalonia in Europe was stronger, it defeated Rajoy and the Spanish crown, coward and enemy of Catalan citizens. It was useless also to imprison or exile political leaders and activists, it was useless to prosecute and investigate public officials and ordinary citizens, just for their ideas, in Europe, in the year 2017.

The wind of independence is so strong that it wipes out every hypocrisy and every vain attempt to restore an old authoritarian ancient world that has died and been forever buried in history.

The wind of independence blows so impetuous that it certainly does not stop at Catalonia, but it will shatter the lands of all the historical or productive regions of Europe, from Corsica, to Sardinia, from South-Tyrol, to Veneto, from Scotland to Wales.

Independence is the most important and decisive issue of the European and global political agenda for the next 10-20 years. In an increasingly interdependent world, independence counts!

Visca Catalunya llure! Free Veneto!


Gianluca Busato
President –



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