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on Novembre 9, 2014

A healthy policy to attract international investments makes good on its own territory, contrary to to statist policies of hyper-taxation that scare away business in areas with more freedom.

Schermata 2014-09-28 alle 22.13.14In these days appeared a lot of criticism against the state of Luxembourg and instrumentally against the European Commission president Mr Jean-Claude Juncker, about the so-called LuxLeaks, that is the extremely competitive and perfectly legal and legitimate fiscal policy implemented by Luxembourg to several multinational companies.

At this time in the Net there is a series of vacuous moans based on a sort of victim complex caused by a statist propaganda, endorsed by some nationalist champions, Mrs Marine Le Pen in the first place, whereas in my opinion the policy implemented by Luxembourg and by Mr Juncker is extremely wise and to imitate.

Nothing forbids any state to apply 1% taxes to multinationals. If Luxembourg rightly does it, generating “investment attraction” policies, I think it is a practice to which ALL smart states should go and not the contrary. If someone deserves criticism, this is not Mr Juncker, who served Luxembourg’s interests, but the politicians of European states that with hyper-taxation make instead an odious practice that endangers the economies of their own countries in order to grease the parasitic cliques in power with policies of excessive state aids that allow them easy power management through destructive practices of pork barrelling and influence peddling.

We must therefore resist with force and determination to the temptation to fall into the easy trap of statist propaganda and seek instead to force our governments to pursue a tax system competitive with that of Luxembourg.

Certainly, the independent Republic of Venice will ensure extremely low taxes and approve very competitive policies to attract international investments. This will be one of the topics discussed today in Treviso, where we will kick-off the Institutional Project of the Venetian Republic (appointment from 9:30 am at the hotel Maggior Consiglio).

We must all become aware that things do not happen by themselves, or because someone does a rain dance to make them happen: the great geopolitical changes in history have taken place because someone has been able to conceive, refine and implement strategic projects of a higher order than the existing one. Once they were called wars and military leaders were their demiurges. Today all this is done in different ways and with different timing, but logic has not failed. This is also the strategic path pursued by to achieve as soon as possible the perspective of full independence of the Venetian Republic.

Gianluca Busato
President –

  • Da sempre siamo stati grandi commercianti, reside nel nostro sangue, o meglio, nel nostro DNA.

    Non dimentichiamo che il primo World Trade Center mondiale, logicamente, inerente all’epoca, era la propria piazza di San Marco, con i suoi edifici circondanti.

    A Lisbona, quando i portoghesi cominciarono a farci “concorrenza” per via mare, costruirono la “Praça do Comércio” (in italiano Piazza del Commercio) ossia, la loro WTC.

    Viva San Marco

    Giancarlo dal Portogallo 9 Novembre 2014 13:31


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