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on 22 Gennaio, 2015

Next months will see VENETO in the spotlight of a strategic and international challenge. Trade routes, technologies, venture capital are the the key words of a strategic and systemic project for the independent Veneto

Schermata-2014-05-28-alle-16.43.18Not ISIL, but the FRENCH revolutionaries exactly 222 years ago guillotined King Lewis XVI, the last King of France, a few months before the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution. Today the political power that does not reform itself has the tendency to forget the lessons from history and continues to oppress fiscally its own subjects, as it happens in VENETO, shamefully robbed by the Italian state, the worst fiscal hell of the Western World.

To be honest the Italian power is not able at all to self-reform, as it is wrapped tightly between clientelism that feeds the consensus supporting it and the impossibility of self-castrating eliminating the small inner circle permitting its feudal system exercise.

Each other’s positions of Italian government majorities and oppositions trying to reciprocally legitimate in order to perpetrate the theft to the detriment of Venetians just make people smile. Even Northern League’s anomaly today returns to the fold, promoting, for the first time in its history, a national rally in Rome on next 28th February, demonstrating manifestly its eradication from the territory caused by 25-year failures and betrayals imposed by cupidity and incompetence.

logo_senza_bordoVENETO, it’s the Vendée, the Texas of the Peninsula.

Here we play everyone’s future, here everyone’s hopes can be saved or destroyed.

We must replace the logic of the cursed power system, pivoted on the right-left wing political circus, with the VENETO YES-VENETO NO dialectic.

In order to make this happen, the solution to win this match cannot be a second-tier project with a local-scale effort, by small party secretaryships or gatherings. Only who has been able to conceive a project of STRATEGIC and INTERNATIONAL importance today fulfills the requirements to win a match that is essential for our future. Only who has been able to capture the interest of communication media from all over the WORLD knows the language and the correct methodology to play and win a challenge based on the capability to give VENETO a size of actor in the GLOBAL SYSTEM.

RU-CINA nuove vie della seta_bigThe new silk roads, that by land and by sea magically join in VENICE, introduced in Beijing in last November in front of the leaders of APEC members (Asia and Pacific, included USA, China and Russia), whose GNP represent 58% of the whole planet, inspired by Marco Polo in the time of the MOST SERENE REPUBLIC OF VENICE, today get back to be the junction of the human development between Europe and Asia, adding up an intrinsic amount of 21.1 trillion dollars, finding their hub and juncture right in VENETO and in VENICE and marking out and anticipating our strategic project, that will be completed in the following months with the introduction of our projects for the other quadrants of global geopolitical interest.

Schermata 2014-11-19 alle 19.22.24Projects that integrate with a vision and a operational framework permitting to independent VENETO to become a DIGITAL Republic and to take advantage and benefit from the future evolution of 50 new technologies that in 5 years will produce a market of 2.8 trillion dollars.

Such planning will be feasible and concrete and not a mere barking at the moon, as is usual for Italian politicians, thanks to policies that permit to develop a new capital system, less centered on banks in respect to the feeble Italian system (based on the three-card trick), and more focused on VENTURE CAPITAL and private equity, that for instance, in the US is nine times more developed than in Europe and has allowed the most capitalized brands of the world to grow up and achieve that position in a few years and decades, from simples garages where they were born thanks to the genius of young minds and young hearts.

Java PrintingIn VENETO there is no lack of young minds and young hearts, on the contrary there is lack of modern brave and experienced leaders, able to provide the formers with systemic economic and financial tools to realize their dreams, that are also our most powerful sword to deal with a serene future in a global world more and more competitive.

Bear in mind that to answer the question VENETO YES-VENETO NO is equivalent to the dialectic ITALY YES-ITALY NO, insofar as a victory of the pro-independence movement in Veneto will permit also the survival of what’s best in Italy. In fact let’s keep in mind that Italy was at its very best right during the Renaissance, when the Italian state, that also usurped this name, did not exist. Today’s struggle in VENETO is the struggle that must join also all the Italian intellectuals aware of this.

VolantinoA5_votoVSI-STAMPAVENETO YES-VENETO NO means also EUROPE YES-EUROPE NO, since a victory of the statist power in Italy implies the end of a balanced and strong political Europe, that can sustain itself only if its members adopt worthy behaviors and are not rotten apples undermining necessarily also the wealthy fruits.

Putting our trust in right or left wing parties, without exceptions, means to put our trust in those who stamp out our hope, robbing ourselves.

For this it is urgent to answer appropriately the question VENETO YES or VENETO NO?

Everyone’s interests and hopes are at stake, without exceptions, Venetians, Italians and Europeans.

In order to meet the challenge of next months therefore it is necessary to merge into a single proposal a vision that at the same time must be civic, intellectual, technological, political and economical. In short, human.

If so, the correct answer to the question VENETO YES or VENETO NO will be automatic.

Gianluca Busato
Candidate to Presidency of VENETO

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